Creating stand alone applications

The following section describes how to create stand alone applications. These applications work only if Python for Series 60 is correctly installed on the device.

The Python for Series 60 SDK installation package provides a utility (py2sis) for creating a SIS file to be installed on Symbian Series 60 devices.


  1. Download and install Active Perl for SDK build tools
  2. Include in the Path Environment Variable of Windows the location of uidcrc.exe (by default it should be located in  C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symbian\tools)  and  the location of py2sis.exe (by default it should be located in  C:\Nokia\Tools\Python_for_Series_60\py2sis)

(System Properties>Advanced>Environment Variables; Click on Path in the System Variables and then Edit, as shown in the Figure 8)

  1. Open a “Command Prompt” window
  2. Use the command: (see Figure 9)


py2sis <src> [script] [--uid=0x1234567]


    • <src> : the path of the script
    • [script] : the name of the script
    • [--uid=0x1234567] : UID can be chosen during development from the range of 0x01000000 0x0fffffff (for more information about UID, see Series 60SDK help documentation)
  1. The SIS file is now created in the same folder as py2sis.exe
  2. Establish a connection between your PC and your phone.
  3. Right-click the file, send it to the phone and install it.

NOTE: Click on the Figures to enlarge them!!!!

Figure 8:Setting Environment Variables in Windows XP
Figure 9: Creating SIS file

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