Installation example: Python on Series 60 2nd FP2

The SDK comes with an emulator for the mobile phone, which is useful to test the applications before installing them on the mobile device. This section presents the steps necessary for the installation of the Python execution environment which includes a plug-in for Nokia Series 60 SDK emulator able to emulate Python scripts.  

This example refers to the installation of the software, both for the PC and the phone,  for  the Nokia  6630, 6680 phones.  The procedure is the same for all the other phone models, but different files need to be installed (see requirements section).

Step 1: Series 60 Developer Platform SDK
  1. Uncompress the file and run the file setup.exe
  2. Start the installer program and follow the instructions.
Step 2: Python plug-in for the Symbian SDK
  1. Uncompress the file and run the file Python_for_2ndEd_FP2_SDK.exe
  2. Start the installer program and follow the instructions. By default the installer installs  the emulator files and some examples into the directory: <EPOCROOT>\Epoc32\Release\wins\udeb\z\system\apps\PYTHON, where <EPOCROOT> is the root folder of your SDK installation.
Step 3: Installing Python Release
  1. Run the file python-2.5.msi and follow the instructions.

Installing Python on a Series 60 Mobile Device

There are two ways of installing Python for Series 60 on a Series 60 device:

  1. Nokia PC Suite software (see for more information) that allows transferring file from a mobile device to a PC and vice versa. Usually it is included in the phone package.
  2. Infrared or Bluetooth technology

If you use Nokia PC Suite and have associated files of SIS type with the PC Suite application, click the file PythonForSeries60.SIS after unzipped  You can also install Python for Series 60 directly from a PC using the Infrared port or Bluetooth wireless technology.

To install Python for Series 60 with Infrared or Bluetooth technology:

  1. Close all applications in your device before you start the installation.
  2. Connect your PC and your phone via an Infrared or a Bluetooth connection.
  3. Right-click PythonForSeries60_for_2ndEd_SIS and send the file to your phone.
  4. Follow the instructions of the installation procedure.
  5. After installation, an application called Python is visible in the phone’s (or an emulator’s) main menu. It allows to launch the Python execution environment.
  6. Select the Python icon to start Python.

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