How to get started

In order to get started with programming on the opensensor platform you need:


  • At least one opensensor device (either with or without nRF905 and bluetooth modules based on your needs) and a 9 volt battery
  • Microchip PICkit2 or IDC2 programmer. If you want to use the ICD2 programmer you also need this adaptor to connect the RJ11 cable to the opensensor.
  • RS232 serial cable or RS232 to USB cable (only if you want to connect the opensensor to a PC)
  • Bluetooth dongle (only if you want to connect the opensensor to a PC or mobile phone)


  • MPLAB v8.20  Link (there might be a newer version than the link)
  • MPLAB C30 compiler Link (log in required) Select the Student Edition!

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