teaching material

In the following the teaching material is made available. Everybody are invited to use the material (slides/logos,etc) for the own teaching purposes. In case information is extracted, please reference to the main source of information properly. The teaching material contains lecture slides and exercises.


Slides (click)

•Part 0: Overview of the slide set

•Part 1: opensensor motivation

•Part 2: Examples of the opensensor

•Part 3: Programming environment

•Part 4: opensensor details

•Part 5: Building the opensensor

•Part 6: Installing software on the opensensor

•Part 7: Mobile phones and opensenor


Exercises (click)

•E1: Installing the programming environment and blinking lights

•E2: Communication over RS232 and nRF905, range test and external sensoric

•E3: Combining nRF905 and Bluetooth on the opensensor and communicate with mobile phones

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