opensensor FAQ

Where can I contact you?

At opensensor(at) but be aware that we cannot provide by any means support or help besides that what is given on the web or at 3rd party developers.

Can I buy the opensensor?

Yes, we are offering all needed hardware elements to build your own opensensor. We are not soldering it together. That has to be done by you!

Can you solder the opensensor for me?


Can I build my own projects or products on top of the opensensor?

Yes, you are more than welcome to do so! Nevertheless it would be nice if you would inform us about your ideas and maybe you can share parts of it with us.

Can I get it cheaper?

No! We give a detailed price list, what we are paying for the elements at the moment. We add some University fee on top of it.

Where cam I find more information about the opensensor?

We have provided some datasheets and reference manuals here.


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