mounting external sensory

Here you can see how external sensors e.g. a light sensor can be mounted on the opensensor board.

step 1

Step 1 - preparing the opensensor

In order to mount the light sensor you need to have the following items:

  • The opensensor
  • A resistor (3.9 k ohm in this case)
  • A light dependent resistor (LDR)
step 2

Step 2 - mounting the resistor

Connect the resistor to ground (2nd pin on J8) and to RB3 (4th pin on J3).

step 3

Step 3 - mounting the light dependent resistor

Connect the light dependent resistor (LDR) to 3.3V (4th pin on J8) and to RB3 (4th pin on J3).


The light sensor is now mounted and ready to use.

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