mounting the opensensor

Here you can see how to mount and solder the opensensor step by step. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you.

step 1

Step 1 - backside

Take the PCB (printed circuit board, the green big thing) and look at the backside as in the picture.

step 2

Step 2 - backside

Now solder U3 (MAX3232) on the PCB. We have two versions of this unit, a thin and a wide version. In the picture we have the thin one. If you have the wide one, please click here.

step 3

Step 3 - front

Now you have to turn the PCB to the front. The backside is ready (you may come back to the backside to cut some of the legs of some of the units).

step 4

Step 4 - front

Now you solder U5 (LM3940). 

step 5

Step 5 - front

Solder C11.

step 6

Step 6 - front

Solder C12.

step 7

Step 7 - front

Now solder U6. It is the voltage regulator.

step 8

Step 8 - front

Now solder the capacitors C5, C6, C7, C8, C8, C10, C13, C14, and C15 (do not worry, all are the same).

step 9

Step 9 - front

Now solder D1 and D3. There are two different colors (red and green). Be aware, the longer leg of the LED is the plus pole.

step 10

Step 10 - front

Now solder D2. Be aware of the direction!!!

step 11

Step 11 - front

Now solder J1, J2, J5, and J6.

step 12

Step 12 - front

Now solder X1 (22.184MHz).

step 13

Step 13 - front

Now solder C2 and C4.

step 14

Step 14 - front

Now solder U4 (nRF905 socket).

step 15

Step 15 - front

Now solder the main socket for the DSPIC - U2.

step 16

Step 16 - front

Now solder J7, the connector for the Pickit2.

step 17

Step 17 - front

Now solder U1 if you have the Bluetooth chip (if not just skip this step).

step 18

Step 18 - front

Now solder P1, a 9-pin D-sub 9 pol female.

step 19

Step 19 - front

Now solder R9 and R10.

step 20

Step 20 - front

Now solder R7.

step 21

Step 21 - front

Now solder R8.

step 22

Step 22 - front

Now solder R5 and R6.

step 23

Step 23 - front

Now solder R3.

step 24

Step 24 - front

Now solder J3, J4, and J8.

step 25

Step 25 - front

Now put the DSPIC into the socket (no soldering required) and (if any) plug in the nRF905.

step 26

Step 26 - front

Connect the battery clip. The black cable to ground (1st pin on J8) and the red one to VIN (6th pin on J8).


step 27

Step 27 - backside

QUICKHACK: For opensensor 3.0 (newer PCBs will be corrected) we need to connect some pins as given in the picture. Any cable will be ok for that.


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