Serial interface communication

This program enables communication via the serial interface on the opensensor.


The jumpers  J5 and J6 must be set on the opensensor board in order to use the serial interface.


The settings for the Terminal program e.g. Hyper Terminal are:

  • Com port of your serial or USB to serial port
  • 57600 bit/s
  • 8 databits
  • No parity
  • 1 stopbit
  • Flow-control: None
  • Ascii settings: Send new line and show written characters locally


To test the program you can write:

  • Test - Will print "Test was written"
  • on - Turns the green LED on
  • off - Turns the green LED off

The function to print on the serial interface is USBsend(x) , where x must be some text string e.g. USBsend("test\n\r");







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