SPI (NRF905) communication

This program enables communication via the nRF 905 interface on the opensensor.


NOTICE: You need to perform the quick hack described here in step 27 in order to use this program.


The program is able to send messages and turn the green LED on/off remotely.

For full use of this program at least two opensensors are needed and the nRF 905 interface must be mounted before the opensors are powered up in order to start the nRF chip.

The command interface from the code example Serial interface communication is used and the available commands are:

  • send on - Turns the green LED on the remote opensensor on
  • send off - Turns the green LED on the remote opensensor off
  • send x - Sends the message x e.g. test to the remote opensensor, which will print this message if it is connected via the serial or Bluetooth interface and a terminal program is started









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