This is the page for the opensensor project which is a combined effort of the Technical University of Berlin (TUB) and Aalborg University.


The goal of this project is to provide an open source sensor hardware platform, where all documentation is public available. The pages are containing information on how build your own opensensor as well as ordering the parts of it, which we offer to ship. Furthermore tutorials and code examples are given to show how the opensensor can be programmed as well as a description of the programming environment. The opensensor has already been used in different research and student projects which are also described on these pages.

Aalborg University has been giving lectures about the opensensor platform; the slides from these lectures are available for use on these pages too.


Please be aware that we cannot provide by any means support or help besides that what is given on the web or at 3rd party developers. There will however soon be a forum available which serves as a community for developers of the opensensor.
If you have any ideas or suggestions for the future opensensor platform or to these pages, please let us now through the community or by email opensensor(at)



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