Cross-Layer Design for Multi-Media Applications on Mobile Phones

The project envisions a cross-layer supported multimedia platform for mobile phones. The project goal is to achieve new knowledge concerning methods for cross-layer optimization feasible on this platform and to derive a generally applicable software architecture for existing mobile phones to support multimedia services such as text, voice, and video services over cellular and local area networks.


In this project we exploit cross-layer information exchange from the application layer down to the link level. New concepts for joint optimization of voice, video, text, signaling, and header compression will be derived. The aim of this is to optimize the whole protocol stack for the time-varying conditions of transmission over heterogeneous networks.

As a vehicle for dissemination of new research results from this project, a real-time demonstrator will be made. This demonstrator will show the beneficial impact of our proposed cross-layer design methods. The project is planed as an open source project, published after protection of essential components via the university patent pool, to boost the proposed objectives worldwide, while simultaneously securing the economical potential for Danish research.

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