New Student Projects

The proposed projects are not related to any semester, but can be aligned to the specific semester needs and requirements. Here we only give a short introduction to the potential projects and our activities are not limited to those. In case you have your own ideas, do not hesitate to contact us. However, in case of interest, please contact us.


mobile devices: Network Coding on Mobile Devices

Last semester we had four projects on network coding for distributed systems. Network coding was applied on the opensensor platform, on S60  mobile phones and on the N810 tablet. Ongoing project should continue this work and evaluate network coding for different topologies. Students should have programming skills and basic understanding of communication networks.

This work will be carried out within the Nokia Innovation Network (NIN).



mobile devices: Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Sensing

The idea is to build a cognitive radio implementation with spectrum sensing capabilities. As spectrum is either expensive or extensively used, sensing free spectrum might be an option for improved communication situation. To understand the basic functionality and to understand the challenges in such an implementation, a real testbed should be implemented.

The project will be carried out together with VTT Finland. A full project plan will be handed out to the project students.


mobile devices and opensensor: Energy Saving Aspects

In this project a model for small batteries should be derived. Based on the opensensor platform a first battery testbed will be available to the students. By means of this testbed the battery should be investigated for different load scenarios. By this project the knowledge how energy can be pulled out the battery is derived.


mobile devices: Social Mobile Networks

Social mobile networks are becoming a big threat to mobile operators as they do not rely on any backbone network. In this project a social mobile network based on mobile phones and the WLAN Rabbit (see picture below) will be set up. The rabbit might be used within the network to understand the movement and the intention of the users. The Rabbit has WLAN connections and sensor (microphone etc) as well as voice and light for communication with the outer world.


mobile devices and GNUradio: Cooperative Modulation for P2P

In this project we would like to work on cooperative modulation using the GNUradio (software defined radio). The goal of this project is to show the benefit of hierachical modulation implementing basic schemes on the GNUradio. Prior work, based on analytical and simulations, are available for the project members.


The group will get several GNUradios to test their ideas.


mobile devices: Software Defined Radio for Linux Mobile Phones

So far the mobile device is characterized by a large degree of freedom and flexibility for applications and network protocols. When it comes the lower layers the flexibility stops and the access is prohibited from the manufacture, and limited due to the hardware setup of the device. Therefore the combination of the gnuradio and the mobile devices seems to be a viable option to break this limitation.

The goal if the project is to carry out some new ideas of this newly combined technologies.


[1] GNUradio and N800



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Some of the prior student project were published here.

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