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Getting more characters into your SMS .....

smsZipper is a tool to compress SMS text messages, patented by Aalborg University (patents pending). The tool enables you to compress text messages by factors two to three depending on the content (higher compression ratios are possible, but not in the free version). Different languages are supported (English/German/Italian/Danish) and more will be added soon.


Press announcements in different languages can be found here.

The work is based on :
S. Rein and C. Guehmann and F.H.P. Fitzek. Low Complexity Compression of Short Messages. 2006. in IEEE Data Compression Conference (DCC), IEEE Computer Society Press. Snowbird, UT.


The initial Java version has been developed by Gian Paolo Perrucci and Morten V. Pedersen.


Read the License Aggreement here


Check our Forum to retrieve useful information and ask questions about download, installation, usage tricks about the tool!

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