Park sensors for cars

The main idea is to move high priced functionality from the car to the mobile phone and spice those services even up. One example is the presented park sensor idea. A car is equipped with ultra sonic distance sensors which are connected wirelessly with the mobile phone. The mobile phone is placed within the car showing the distances to the nearest objects. Besides the display functionality, the mobile phone can support the driver with audio information (we are using text2speech functionalities of S60 phones). A first demonstration can be seen in the video below. As the service is bundled to the phone it makes no sense to steal anything from the car.


Demonstration videos:


Here you can download the application based on Python for Nokia S60.

Please check here which edition your phone is.


The JAVA application is available on request, but four sensors are needed to exploit full functionality.

left: distance sensor; right: N70 output for 4 distance sensors

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