SMARTEX - Peer2Peer Networks

SMARTEX is a novel approach to create new services and it is based on a communication architecture referred to as cellular controlled short range communication. The main idea behind SMARTEX is to allow customers to exchange digital content between terminals using the short range communication under the control of the cellular network. The short range communication is based on Bluetooth over which the digital content is exchanged. The cellular link is needed to control the short range communication (security and digital right management). In some communities digital content is becoming more important than real physical items. They are used to enhance the properties of mobile terminals (e.g. ring tones), as collections (e.g. baseball cards), or for multi player role games (e.g. virtual tools).


Download prototype application: smartexv2.jar

Link: User Manual 


How to use the application?

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Michael Stini, Martin Mauve, Frank H.P. Fitzek, Digital Ownership: From Content Consumers to Owners and Traders, IEEE MultiMedia, vol. 13, no. 4, pp. 1, 4-6, Oct-Dec, 2006.

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