Using The Application

The application is currently an early alpha release, but some of the main ideas and concepts are already implemented. The following will describe how to operate the prototype.


After launching the application the user is presented with the ”virtual landscape/neighbourhood” and a number of activity indicators. The user can do several things in his neighbourhood:


  • When the application is initially started the user is given an incomplete collection of soccer cards (currently containing the logos of Danish soccer teams). The objective is then to trade cards with other users of the application, and thereby complete the entire collection.
  • The users of the application can also stream songs to and from each other while in the vicinity.


Indicators on the screen is all the time updating how active the user is creating a “coolness factor” – motivating the users to be active in their neighbourhoods.

By pressing the menu and then the options button the user is presented with a number of options to configure the application. 


Manual search: Initiates a Bluetooth search for new neighbours. Currently this is the only option for updating you neighbourhood. Be aware that searching for other devices can take some time. An automatic search functionality can be chosen from the setting menu. This is however not currently enabled.



Play own songs: Gives the user options to play the currently stores songs. In the prototype application the only one sound clip is available from this menu.



Browse Collection: This allows the user to gain access to his current collection of soccer cards. Here he/she can configure his wish list and trade list. The wish list contains the cards that the user is currently looking for and the trade list the cards that the user wants to trade for other cards. The application will the automatically match wish and trade lists of users in the “virtual landscape”.



Share own songs: Allows the user to configure which songs in his/her collection should be available to the neighbourhood. Currently in the prototype the application allows a short sound clip to be shared.



Search for songs: Will start a neighbourhood search for available songs. After finding songs the user will be capable of streaming the found songs from other users while available in the neighbourhood.



Settings: Gives the user the possible to choose a username. An option allowing automatic Bluetooth devices discoveries are also available. This functionality is however not yet enabled.








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