Camisotti Alessandro


Fall 2007



One of the biggest impediments to future wireless communication

systems is the energy consumption of battery driven devices.

The cooperation approach foresees that the state of the art architecture between the mobile device and base stations is broken up and extended by the possibility of the mobile devices to group with other entities over the short range communication.

The main aim of this project is to realize a demonstrator for mobile phones cooperative real time video broadcast services. It will be useful to demonstrate that the cooperation between mobile phones over bluetooth communication can increase the quality of a video streamed over UMTS/GPRS network.

The scenario is the following:



The video server uses the multiple descriptors by frame splitting technique to split the video in more different stream; each mobile phone receives just one stream over the UMTS/GPRS network and like a relay, it sends the stream to the PC over a bluetooth connection. Then all the streams are joined again and the video is played.

The aim is to demonstrate how the video quality improves when using at least two mobile phones cooperating with each other.    

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