Social Mobile Network: SPIDER






Antonio Sapuppo


Fall 2007




The project constitutes a program for mobile devices which basically gives an opportunity to its users to exchange their profiles and messages with each hers and invite other users to their social networks. In particular, users can create their personal profiles and register them in a database on a server using a Internet access connection.

A part of the information given in the profile (ex. username, age, nationality) will be available to all users while the complete information will be available only to those who receive an authorization from the respective user.

The customers may exchange  information on their profiles using the Bluetooth technology. They can also search other users in the database on the basis of certain parameters like gender or nationality.
Customers added by a  particular user to his or her social network will be also recognized whenever they will appear within the Bluetooth range.

Moreover, a web site will be created to provide another opportunity to register a user, search people in the database and exchange messages between users.


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