Source and network coding on mobile devices





Javier Lopez, Idoia


Fall 2008

This project concerns the development and implementation of a full functional demonstrator for cooperative wireless networking and network coding, which is a technology capable to improve the performance in wireless networks and reduce energy consumption on mobile devices.

A maemo platform (Nokia Internet Tablets) application has been developed, this application distributes a video stream among nodes forming a cooperative cluster.

In Cellular Controlled Peer-to-Peer (CCP2P) networks, besides being connected to an outside world using cellular links, a group of mobile devices in close proximity form a cooperative cluster contributing their onboard capabilities and resources to exploit them a more efficient way.

In the developed application diverse phones cooperates creating a CCP2P network. These nodes agree to download the same multimedia content, splitting the video in different parts to download and start to receive it through USB from a server (simulating the cellular link). Simultaneously the received data is exchanged over the short-range link using three different transmission schemes: full network coding, broadcast, and a new hybrid schema developed as a combination of both, broadcast and network coding.

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