Distributed System for Locating Bluetooth Devices

Distributed System for Locating Bluetooth Devices







B.T. Haraldsson, T. Skinner-Larsen, H.G. HÝrstrup, N.F. Larsen, M.H. Frederiksen


Fall 2008


The purpose of this project is to design and develop a distributed system for locating objects by using embedded devices and a server.
The effectiveness of the system is depending of the number of active participants.
On the other hand, a high number of active participants would result in a rapidly increasing number of involved mobile phones in a search.
For such a system a prototype is build.
The prototype is based on preliminary demands, functions and software which is analyzied and designed on basis of UML 2.0.

The working environments are Symbian S60 on the Nokia phones, Linux on the server and the dsPIC30f3013 Microchip.

Programming languages used for developing applications are Python and C. Third party tools as Lightblue, Wlantools and MySQLdb were also used.

The functionality of the prototype system is verified in the test chapter, and further more the performance of the system regarding how much energy the developed software for the mobile phones is consuming is also tested.

The prototype system is working according to what is analysied and designed, it is possible to locate Bluetooth devices with the help of three different search options performed by a distributed system of mobile phones and a server.

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