Distributed Stereo - Maemo Platform 





Elisabeth Berbel Gonzalez


Fall 2009




Nowadays the mobile phones are an essential part of our life. Everybody have one, from young kids to old people, and the main aim of the companies is to fulfill all the customer's requeriments. Due to this reason are appearing new phones and new applications everyday and the mobile phones market are growing up constantly.

This project is focused in the stereo files distribution. The main aim of this project is to obtain an application able to share stereo files in a wireless media, so that, the customers can distribute and play their audio file to other devices obtaining an stereo files' net . The idea is to give the opportunity to the customers to share audio in a simple and easy way without wires.

Specially the project has been divided in two phases. The first phase consist on doing an application able to allow users to play music from other people devices, starting initially with only two devices and increasing the number of devices progressively. In the second phase, the project  will be focused in allow a synchronous playback, using mobiles to form a distributed stereo. During the project it must take into account all the problems that can be appearing in a communication between several devices, like the synchronization.

The device that has been used for the project is a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet with a Wi-fi (802.11 b/g) and Bluetooth 2.0, 128 MiB of RAM and a TI OMAP 2420 multi-core processor. The application will be developed through the maemo platform, which allows us to bring the applications to the Nokia Internet Tablets.


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