Distributed Stereo - Maemo Platform 





Nicandro Scarabeo


Fall 2009




The purpose of this project is to realize a distributed and synchronized stereo reproduction between more mobile devices (cellphones, laptops, notebooks, consoles, etc). In order to have that, it is necessary to make an application, written in Python/C++/Symbian, that can deal with real-time data transmission such as sound or video.
By using Bluetooth (or similar WLAN architectures), the main idea is to start an audio/video stream from a source-device that can inform and allow other devices to share same data.
In order to have a syncronized reproduction, a protocol should exist to manage playback problems: even if a device pick up a song/video when it is already playing on an another device, the song/video must start on the new device in order to have synchronization.
At the beginning the problem will involve just two devices, afterwards it will be necessary to built a design to implement a serial or interlaced transmission between 3 or more devices.
The project has to be realized before June 2010.

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