Implementation and Performance Evaluation for Power Saving Strategies in Cooperative Wireless Networking





Leonardo Militano


Spring 2006




The research subject of this project, is the investigation of the possibility to implement a cooperative scenario on mobile phones. By exploiting a peer-to-peer short range link for cooperation among terminals in a cellular controlled network, important gains are obtained for both network and mobile device.

The feasibility of the aforementioned idea has been demonstrated in this project and important benefits, principally in terms of Power Consumption and Virtual Data Rate have been demonstrated. A two-entities cooperative scenario has been considered and implemented on mobile devices, which has been used as a testbed for experimental measurements.

The testbed scenario is based on the idea that each device downloads only a portion of the whole data over the cellular link and simultaneously exchanges the received data over a short range link with a cooperating peer. Each mobile phone opens thus its GPRS  link to access a service on a remote server, for instance to download a movie file, and exploits a Bluetooth link for the cooperating purpose.

The results obtained on this two-devices testbed confirmed the expected results.


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