VoIP over Bluetooth






Peter Nejsum

Kim Nygaard Gravesen

Morten Videbæk Pedersen

Sune Studstrup

Morten Lisborg Jørgensen


Spring 2006


 As VoIP services are dominating the backbone already, the main focus of this project is to investigate the possibility to use VoIP over the last hop between the home IP router and the mobile phone. Most homes are already equipped with fixed IP communication lines such that many network providers plan to use VoIP to the IP router at the homes. The project investigates the possibility to use VoIP between the mobile phone, hosting the personal information, and the home router. As a first result a Walkie-Talkie has been developed allowing Push to Talk services in a Peer to Peer manner. In a second step the possibility to communicate between the mobile phone and home router is investigated. The main focus is on full duplex communication, capacity, and quality of service provision


This report is about the design and implementation of a VoIP client for Bluetooth Networks on mobile phones.


The development aimed at creating applications fulfilling two scenarios, a Direct Link and an Internet Link both utilizing Bluetooth. The development resulted in the three modules: Voice, Bluetooth and Bluetooth-IP. The Voice
Module allows recording and playback of AMR compressed voice data and
supports half-duplex communication. The Bluetooth Module enables Bluetooth L2CAP connections to be established and configured. The Bluetooth-IP Module allows a phone to send and receive UDP packets over the Internet via Bluetooth.


The Voice, Bluetooth and Bluetooth-IP modules have been succesfully implemented and tested. The Direct Link application has also been designed, implemented and succesfully tested. For the Internet Link scenario to be realized only integration remains.

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