Medication Control in Nursing Homes

Many residents at nursing homes receive medication, which is administered by different employees at the home. For some residents, dosage and administering of the medicine are performed separately. Both these events present a risk of errors. A system is developed in order to reduce the risc of these errors.

Furthermore, some residents receive pn-medicine (medicine administered at need, for example painkillers). An overview of the pn-medicine consumption of a resident can be useful for physicians.

The main features of the system are:

  • to ensure medicine dosage based on updated information
  • to provide for registration of errors in medicine dosage
  • to register the residents' pn-medicine consumption

A mobile device is used in order to allow the employees of the nursing home to register the above on a stationary workstation in the nursing home. The workstation synchronizes with a central database at regular intervals, exchanging updated prescription information about the resident (from database to workstation) and logs of pn-medicine and possible errors in dosage (from workstation to database)





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