Measurement Campaign on Connectivity of Mesh Networks formed by Mobile Devices






Beatrice Pietrarca

Giovanni Sasso


Spring 2007




This project reports the results of a measurement campaign on the
connectivity level of mobile devices using the Bluetooth to
form mesh networks. Such mesh networks composed of mobile devices
are the basis for any peer-to-peer communication like wireless grids
or social networks. We explore public places wireless scenarios like
airports, convention centers, shopping malls and bars and extract
from them some statistics of the size of the mesh network and type
of constituent nodes. This information is essential for analyzing
and devising cooperative strategies among the terminals of mesh
networks in different scenarios.

As most mobile devices support BT technology, the
measurements were carried out using a mobile device with BT running a
Python S60 script. The Python script constantly collects
information about the BT devices found in its coverage. The
measurement data were collected and evaluated offline by using Python 2.5 in a computer.

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