Implementation and Practical Evaluation of Linear Network Coding for Data Extraction from Wireless Sensor Networks






Group 651
Erik Poulsen
Andreas Corneliussen


Spring 2008



The group is working with a scenario where a data collector on occasion visits a network of sensor nodes. It is assumed that each sensor always have packets that needs to be transferred either because it can't be distributed before the data collector comes in because of limitied buffer sizes or simply because the data has just been recorded.

When the collector comes in communication range with a node in the outer edge of the network all data should be forwarded to the collector through this gateway node. All nodes will have packets that should be passed on to the collector, which will create a bottleneck at the gateway node. From reading various articles the group has convinced themselves that network coding can be used to optimize the flow of data in the network and especially through the gateway node.

This leads to the following problem statement:
- Can linear network coding be used to optimize the stream of data between the gateway of a wireless sensor network and a data-collector?

The problem statement can be further elaborated with these subquestions:
- Will linear network coding be suitable for sensor networks in hostile environments?
- How can linear network coding be implemented on the OpenSensor boards?
- In which cases are LNC beneficial for the throughput of the data stream?


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