Christina Schel Klausen, Lone Nielsen, Mark Lillelund Rousing, Michael Trudslev


Spring 2009


Simon Fristed Eskildsen




The project involves the development of an application to aide people in treatment with anticoagulation medication.


The application is to be developed and coded i J2ME, implementet on a mobilphone and used by people who measure the anticoagulating properties of their blood themselves (via the measurement of the INR-value). The goal of the application is to remind patients to take their medication, measure their INR-value and input it into the program, along with their weekly alcohol and vitamin-K comsumption.


The program should use either the phone calender or a timer to send reminders to the user.

The program should (on the basis of the input values) be able to determine if the patient should change the dosis of their medication.

The program should also be able to store appropiate values in the internal memory of the phone and transmit the values (via GPRS) to a server for patient management.



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