Mobile platform for wireless grid measurements





Emanuele Scuderi, David Izal, Rocco Parrinello


Spring 2009




The main purpose of this project is to build a mobile platform for wireless grid measurements. The project is divided in two phases.

The goal of the first phase is to build a robot that can be remote controlled by a PC through a mobile phone. As an interface between the phone and the mechanical parts, the opensensor is used. It is an hardware with a great flexibility because it has been designed with many pins that make possible the connection with extra sensors and because it can communicate using an embedded NRF antenna, RS232, USB or Bluetooth. The latter one will be used for communicating with the phone.

Once the robot is ready and tested, we will build several of them and the second phase will start. A mobile phone will be placed on each robot and a wireless grid will be created. Our goal is to investigate how the changes in the network topology due to the mobility impact on the wireless communication.

The platform can be used to make some measurements of the environment as well, such as temperature, pollution, and so on.  GPS of the phones can be used to add location information.



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