Sensor Control System 



Group VGIS 1020


Sérgio Pedro and Luben Ivanchev


Spring 2010




The idea of this project is to have an easy-to-install system for controlling sensors and actuators in any room the user wants. The sensors and actuators are implemented in the open sensor board, which is controlled by a mobile device located in the periphery. The communication between open sensor board and mobile device is through Bluetooth. The mobile devices used are N95 and N80, both with Symbian S60 3rd Edition, being Java the programming language for them.

The core of the project is located in a webserver, communicating with all the mobile devices that have set a connection to it. In this webserver, the user can visualize and perform a variety of functions in the room’s sensory. This webserver will work with PHP and Flash.

The project has to be realized before June 2010.

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