Here we present mobile device related publications. Related publications can be found here.


  • Overview of current activities, May 2006, download


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  • Patrick Seeling, Frank H.P. Fitzek, Martin Reisslein.  Video Traces for Network Performance Evaluation -- A Comprehensive Overview and Guide on Video Traces and Their Utilization in Networking Research. 2007. Springer. Table of Contents
  • Frank H. P. Fitzek and Frank Reichert, Mobile Phone Programming and its Application to Wireless Networking, 2007 Springer, book website


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  • F.H.P. Fitzek and  M.V. Pedersen and G.P. Perucci and S. Rein and C. Gühmann. Convergence of Mobile Devices and Wireless Sensor Networks. 2006. in Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) 17 WG 3. Heidelberg, Germany.
  • F.H.P. Fitzek and S. Rein and M.V. Pedersen and G.P. Perucci and T. Schneider and C. Gühmann. Low Complex and Power Efficient Text Compressor for Cellular and Sensor Networks. 2006. in IST Mobile Summit 2006. Greece.
  • S. Rein and C. Guehmann and F.H.P. Fitzek. Low Complexity Compression of Short Messages. 2006. in IEEE Data Compression Conference (DCC), IEEE Computer Society Press. Snowbird, UT.
  • T.K. Madsen and F.H.P. Fitzek and G.P. Perrucci and T. Andrilsen and S. Nethi. Novel IP Header Compression Technique for Wireless Technologies with Fixed Link Layer Packet Types. 2006. in GLOBECOM 2006.


  • Assoc. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank H.P. Fitzek, European Wireless 2007, "Mobile Phone Programming for Teaching and Research,"

Master Thesises

  • Kim Gravesen, Power Saving Stragies for Video Services on Mobile Phones, tbd
  • Thorsten Schneider, Implementation and Performance of a novel text Compressor for Mobile Phones, June 2006
  • Leonardo Militano, Implementation and Performance Evaluation for Power Saving Strategies in Cooperative Wireless Networking, June 2006
  • Gian Paolo Perrucci and Ferri Maurizio, Secure Smartphone Community Exchange Platform Enabling Exchange of Digital Objects through Peer to Peer Smartphone Networks Under Cellular Control - Smartex, Master thesis within the specialization of signal and information processing and communication, Aalborg University, Department of Communication Technology, IS Group, Fredrik Bajers Vej, February-June 2005.

Student Projects

  • Peter Østergaard, Jeppe Jensen, Nallaikkumaran Shanmuganathan, Janne Dahl Rasmussen, and Anders Grauballe, Convergence of Mobile Devices and Sensor Networks, 5th semester student research project, Aalborg University, autumn 2006
  • Ulrik Wilken Rasmussen, Peter Østergaard, Janne Dahl Rasmussen,Mikkel Gade Jensen, and Anders Grauballe, The Medium is The Message, 4th semester student research project, Aalborg University, spring 2006, more
  • Kim Nygaard Gravesen, Morten Lisborg Jørgensen, Morten Videbæk Pedersen, Peter Baagø Nejsum and Sune Studstrup, VoIP Services on Mobile Phones for Bluetooth Networks, 6th semester student research project, Aalborg University, spring 2006, more
  • Martin Holbaek Larsen and Karsten Noegaard and Steen Nord and Morten Pedersen and Jesper Hoejgaard Pedersen, Secure Peer to Peer Networking on Mobile Phones to Exchange Digitial Contents, 4th semester student research project, Aalborg University, spring 2005, more


  • IST Summit Mykonos 2006
  • VTU Copenhagen June 2006
  • Nice academic seminar 23rd May 2006

Technical Reports

  • F.H.P. Fitzek, Cooperative Mobile Gaming, 2006, a contributing paper for Nokia Mobile Games 2010 white paper, Aalborg University.

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