Mobile Peer to Peer: A Tutorial Guide

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Mobile Peer to Peer: A Tutorial Guide

Editors: Frank H.P. Fitzek and Hassan Charaf

Authors: tbd

ISBN: 978-0-470-69992-8


274 pages

June 2009


The book is a joined project of Aalborg University and Budapest University.  


This book explores the potential of wireless communication among mobile devices forming mobile peer-to-peer networks. Organized in three parts, part one introduces the basic concepts of wireless technologies, mobile architectures, and communication protocols supported by Symbian OS. Part two looks at programming for individual wireless technologies, while part three focuses on advanced examples for mobile peer-to-peer networks. This book acquaints readers with the basic programming skills required to set up wireless communication links between Symbian-based mobile devices, as well as the basics of wireless communication networks.


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