Building SymTorrent 1.41

Make sure you have Carbide C++ 2.0 and S60 SDK 3rd MR or newer installed.


Download and extract the archive into a new directry (e.g. c:\dev\SymTorrent).
Start Carbide C++ 2.0 or later and set the workspace to the directory you have just created (e.g. c:\dev\SymTorrent).


Import the following projects into Carbide using the menu option File/Import/Symbian OS/Symbian OS Bld.inf file:




This project enables logging and serves debugging purposes.


Contains most code related to generic network (socket communication, managing access points, etc.)

Allows parsing Bencoded information (coding format used by BitTorrent)

Contains the UI independent parts of SymTorrent

This is the actual SymTorrent application, contains the UI.

This is not a mandatory project. It is a helper for autostarting SymTorrent when a torrent is selected on the phone.
It can be skipped.

Build the projects in the following order:

  1. KiLogger
  2. KiNetwork
  3. LibBencode
  4. SymTorrentEngine
  5. SymTorrent
  6. SymTorrentLauncher

Now you can start the emulator and look for the SymTorrent icon in the system menu.

If you want to build for the device, you can use the batch files in the SymTorrent\BuildSymTorrent directory.

Building for device using batch files

Edit SymTorrent\BuildSymTorrent\set_environment_variables.bat so that it points to your SDK path.


Start command prompt and set the correct S60 SDK using the tool devices.exe.


Generate a self-signed certificate/key pait using the SDK's makekeys.exe. Modify the following files
so that the line with "signsis" uses your self-signed certificate (e.g. signsis.exe KiLogger.sis KiLogger.sisx symtorrent2008-10-11.cer).

  1. build_SIS_KiLogger.bat
  2. build_SIS_KiNetwork.bat
  3. build_SIS_LibBencode.bat
  4. build_SIS_no_tracker.bat


Build the projects and SIS files by starting build_all_no_tracker.bat
No you should have SymTorrent_S60-3rd_no_tracker_SIGNED.sis, which can be installed to the device.

File to download

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