Convergence of Mobile Phones and Sensor Networks

Pervasive computing with mobile phones and sensor networks are a future area of research. In a partner project with the Technical University of Berlin we develop our own sensors which can use the mobile phone as a data gateway or as an user interface for information retrieval on sensor data. The sensors communicate via the ISM-band (industrial, medical, and scientific) and employ a family of 16 Bit mixed controllers. The sensor platform contains a large set of ready to use data processing functions. For ease of use, researchers and students may develop and program their own applications in C. The development tools are employed in a sensor programming class at TU Berlin and in a future programming class at AAU.

openSensor v2.0

Here the new design of our sensor. The feature list:

  • Bluetooth
  • ISM band communication
  • recharable batteries
  • external power supply possible
  • two layer design
  • USB connection
openSensor v2.0

External Sensor

Some pictures of the sensor design November 2006 with wireless extension and debugging facilities (in the bottom)

debugging (left) wireless (right)

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