Cooperative Networking

The idea behind this project is to demonstrate the possibility of cooperative networking, where mobile phones cluster over the short range communication and use their cellular communication to gather services partially. This partial service is exchanged within the cooperative cluster such that the quality of service for each participating entity increases. The cooperative approach can achieve lower power consumption, higher (virtual) data rates, and novel business cases.


Currently the virtual high data rate is implemented on mobile phones. Each mobile phone is opening its GPRS connection and offers this data rate over the Bluetooth connection. Services such as BitTorrent or multiple description coding offer application oriented support for cooperative networking. Those are implemented on the phone. The services for cooperative networking are not limited to multicast service. Also unicast services can benefit from cooperative meachnisms. In the figures below the exchange of data rate among cooperative terminals is shown. This virtual data rate can be used for the cooperative downloading such as in BitTorrent or for normal Web browsing (on/off traffic model with peak data rate requirements).




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