List of publications

  1. "Energy Saving Strategies on Mobile Devices" (Gian Paolo Perrucci), PhD Thesis, 2009. [bib]
  2. "Energy Evaluation for Bluetooth Link Layer Packet Selection Scheme" (Gian Paolo Perrucci, Morten Pedersen, Tatiana Madsen, Frank Fitzek) In European Wireless 2009, 2009. [bib]
  3. "On the Impact of 2G and 3G Network Usage for Mobile Phones' Battery Life" (Gian Paolo Perrucci, Frank Fitzek, Giovanni Sasso, Wolfgang Kellerer, Joerg Widmer) In European Wireless 2009, 2009. [bib]
  4. "Cooperative Mobile Web Browsing" (G.P. Perrucci F.H.P. Fitzek Q. Zhang M. Katz) In EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, volume missing volume, 2009. [bib]
  5. Using Wake-up Signals for Energy Savings in Mobile Devices (G.P. Perrucci, F.H.P. Fitzek, M.Katz) In iC@ST magazine, volume 1, 2008. [bib]

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