Cellular handoff between 2G and 3 G networks

Here we present the energy spent for making handoffs from 2G networks to 3G and viceversa.


Experiment details


Making handoffs from 2G networks to 3G and viceversa.



Technology used:


Number of tests:



During the measurements all the other air interfaces (BT and WLAN) are switched off.


The Figure below shows that more power is consumed for switching from 2G networks to 3G ones than the other way around. However, as shown in the table  the time is much shorter, leading to an energy consumption very similar for both scenarios.

Power consumption for making handoff

Parametrized model

Energy = P_handoff * Duration



Handoff P_handoff [W] Duration [s] Energy [J]
GSM->UMTS 1.3895 1.7 2.4
UMTS->GSM 0.5919 4.2 2.5

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