GNU Radio on Nokia N800

Mobile platforms is often used for prototyping in student projects and research. This is done because the mobile platform has a big development framework, and because it is a mobile platform, Unfortunately the usage of regular mobile phones can limit the prototype because the access to the physical layer is typical restricted.

This project aims to provide the developer with a mobile platform with access to all layers as a framework for prototyping.


It is chosen to use a Nokia N800 which is a Linux based mobile platform. Nokia and the open-source community provides a development framework
 for a Linux environment with cross-compiler, emulator and debugging facilities.
It has been chosen to access the physical layer with the GNURadio USRP  and the GNURadio software suite on top of it.

The project aims to create two scenarios that can be switched on the run to illustrate the power of a reprogrammable physical layer.

The aim is to provide the following scenarios:

  • FM radio
  • Spectrum analyzer


To obtain further information please contact:

Kasper Revsbech


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