MM 1 - Introduction to software testing and Java Mobile


This minimodule will give an introduction on software testing techniques.

The importance of software testing will be highlighted.

In the second part of the minimodule we will focus our attention on Java Mobile platform.


  • Introduction
    • Why testing is important?
    • Testing strategy
    • How to make a test
    • Test cycle
  • Introduction to Java Mobile
    • Why Java Mobile?
    • Market trends
    • Business opportunities
  • J2ME Architecture
    • CDC - CLDC
    • Kilo Virtual Machine
    • Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP)
    • Optional Packages
  • J2ME in a nutshell
    • Your first application: "Hello World!"
    • High-lvel and low-level user interface API overview
    • The Record Management System (RMS)
  • SDKs and development tools
    • Available IDEs
    • Installation and demo
    • Getting help
    • Creating an application using the IDE and Wireless Toolkit
  • Getting started with J2ME development
    • MIDP execution environment
    • MIDlets and MIDlet Suites
    • User Interface classes
    • Other MIDP and CLDC classes
    • Application development and packaging
Software tools

This is the software you would need to get started. Download and install the following files:

You need Windows XP SP2 installed.


- Lecture slides


- Designing MIDP applications

- Mobile Java Applications

- MIDP GUI Programming

- Mobile Phone Programming and its Application to Wireless Networking - chapter 3

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