Applications developed by students during the course

AGPA: Automatic Geographic Profile Adapter

By Renato Riccio and Arbaud Germis

The Automatic Geographic Profile Adapter (AGPA) automatically changes your mobile phone's profile according to where you are. It enables you to set up different profiles for when you are at work, home, in your favourite bar, etc. The profile changes depending on your location. For example, it allows you to have different ring tones at work or home.





Checkpoint Game

By Andrei Marinescu


This application consists in a game that uses the current location of the user in order to advance further, through different checkpoints. The “battlefield” is the central part of Aalborg, and the objective for the user is to be the first among other players to reach the finish point which will be revealed as a final checkpoint.





GPS compass

By Dragos Catalin


This application extends the features of the compass provided by the location APIs, such as the  direction to a particular location indicated by the user.






By Karolis Astrauka and Aidas Kasperavicius


WiChat is a chat application which allows you to send messages to other people in the same network. You can participate in a public chat or send private messages. You can either use the access point or create your own ad-hoc network when there are no access points available. Application uses UDP protocol over Wi-Fi to send messages. For public messages UDP broadcasting is used. Private messages are sent directly.





Mobile Sec

By Sossio Di Fiore and Marouane Raji


Mobile-Sec is an application used to help you find your stolen phone and probably identify the thief. If the SIM card is changed, the program asks the user for a password. If the input is wrong, the application removes the contacts from the phone and sends an mms to a predefined phone number containing the ID number of the SIM card (IMSI) and some information about GSM location of the phone.





GPS tracking and bookmark vicinity notification

By Luben Ivanchev and Valerio Perrotta


This application creates a location based service that allows users to be notified of certain pre-determined landmarks that are within a small area around them. It also allows the tracking of the user on a webpage.





Viewfinder streaming over WLAN ad-hoc connection

By Emanuele Scuderi and Rocco Pariniello


This application allows to stream the video captured by the camera thrugh the viewfinder and stream it over WLAN connection.





Heart monitor

By Kasper Esben Kannik


HeartMonitor is a system that monitors heart status, automatically contacts the emergency central at heart failure and gives the position of the patient using the GPS. The EKG or pulse is collected using a chest patch with electrodes recording the signal and a Bluetooth unit which transfers the heart status to the mobile phone. The Bluetooth data transfer feature needs to be implemented in the code. For now the program just simulates a heart attack after a given number of seconds.



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