It is not mandatory to buy this book, but it is highly recomended for those who are interested in aquiring a deep knowledge about Mobile Phone Programming. If interested in buying it, please send an email to gpp(at)


Day 1

Slides :


Please note that you should bring your own laptops (Windows XP SP2) with the following software already installed:

* we will install this during the lecture.

Download the interpreter for the phone:

Note: if you have Windows Vista installed, please download the following file:


Phones will be provided by us, but if you have a Nokia Series 60 phone,  you can use yours.

If you have a Bluetooth dongle, please bring it as well.

If you DO NOT have one, please download this file without installing it:


Documentation and exercises:


Day 2



This is the software you would need to get started. Download and install the following files:

You need Windows XP SP2 or Vista installed. 


Documentation and exercises:


Day 3


  • Symbian OS

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