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Introduction to Mobile Phone Programming - Module 1: Python

Beginners: This course adresses beginners in the field of mobile phone programming. The course will be held in English.

This course gives a detailed introduction to Python and will provide participants with the skills to programme in Python for S60. After this course the participants will be able to programme their own application to show "proof of concept" or a first implementation in very short time.

Who should attend
Everyone who wants to prove their ideas and concepts on mobile phones (as an example of embedded systems) should attend this course.

Course Fee
Kr.  4195 Dkr
Discount if you register for 2 or more modules in this course series at the same time!
2 modules: 10% discount, 3 modules: 15% discount, 4 modules: 20% discount. If you register for 2 or more modules and therefore qualify for a discount, please note this under 'comments' in the registration form.

Duration and Schedule
Aalborg: 10/10-2006 kl. 9:00-16.00
Ballerup: 17/10-2006 kl. 8:30-16:30
(1 day: 3hour lecture and 3 hour exercise)

Course Contents
This course gives a thorough introduction to Python and how to programme in Python for S60

  • Mobile application market Python for S60
  • Installation of SDK and Python on the mobile phone
    • Python in a nutshell
    • Dualisms PC and mobile phone
    • Interactive console
    • Bluetooth console
  • Programming Python S60 Module
    • Networking (Bluetooth/GPRS)
    • Phone
    • Camera
    • Video
    • Location services
  • Extensions of Python modules
    • Builidng stand-alone Python programmes
    • Exercise on laptops and mobile phones

Additional reading is not required for this module. Course participants need to bring a laptop with Windows XP SP2 installed. The instructors will provide mobile phones for programming and Bluetooth sticks for interconnection.



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