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Introduction to Mobile Phone Programming - Module 0: Introduction

Beginners: This course will adress beginners in the field of mobile phone programming, therefore it will start from scratch in multiple programming languages. The course will be held in English.

After attending this course the participants should have a first understanding of the basic concepts of mobile phone programming and how this differs from programming other portable devices such as laptops or PDAs. Furthermore, the participants will know which of the succeeding modules to take for their specific projects.

Who should attend
Everyone who wants to prove their ideas and concepts on mobile phones (as an example of embedded systems) should attend this course.

Course Fee
Kr.  4195 Dkr.
Discount if you register for 2 or more modules in this course series at the same time!
2 modules: 10% discount, 3 modules: 15% discount, 4 modules: 20% discount. If you register for 2 or more modules and therefore qualify for a discount, please note this under 'comments' in the registration form.

Duration and Schedule
Aalborg Universitet: 19/09-2006 kl. 9:00-17:00
IHK, Ballerup: 26/09-2006 kl. 8:30-16:30
(1-day course: 5 hour lecture and 2 hour exercise)

Course Contents
Participants will be given an overview of various programming languages for mobile phones, starting with simple scripting languages to full operating system calls.

  • Mobile phone market
    • Symbian
    • JAVA
    • BREW
    • Windows Mobile
  • Python in a nutshell
    • Python Programming and SDKs
    • Python modules (networking, phone, etc.)
    • Python Extensions
  • Java in a nutshell
    • Java Programming and SDKs
    • MIDP programming
    • JM2E applications
  • Symbian in a nutshell
    • C++ Programming and SDKs
    • Symbian OS fundamentals
  • Exercise - test first example programs on Python

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