Applications developed by students

In this page are listed some of the application developed by students attending the "Basics of mobile phone programming" course at Aalborg University.



SMS cipherz

By: Lars Sommer


This python script gives an example of interaction with the Symbian operating system, with the purpose of sending and receiving encrypted SMSes.
The code is for conceptual and educational purposes only, and should not be used in a real situation.


Link to website



Pass the Bomb

By: Michael Henning Juul Petersen & Alex Ranch


Pass the bomb is a small party-game. The phone will act like a bomb, ticking and counting down until it explodes. It is then up to the contestants to pass the bomb around in a matter so that it won't explode. To pass the bomb the user needs to answer correctly to a question popping up on the screen.

The contestant holding the phone when it goes of is the looser.





Space invaders

By: Jacob Korsgaard, Jørgen Ulrik Balslev Krag, Jeppe Rishede Thomsen


Our game is a vertical shooter, where you can steer your spaceship up,down,left and right. The enemies, comes from above and the player has to shoot the enemies before they reach the bottom of the screen. The player also has to avoid colliding with the enemy spaceships since i will lose one life every times he collides with an enemy. The player has 3 life's, and he cannot get more life's.





Multimedia content browser

By: Lasse Soelberg, Katja Springer, Bertrand Dechoux


This project is about finding the way or information about different rooms inside a building (museum, etc.). The information is retrieved from the internet and it can be video, text or images, which is then shown on the mobile phone.






Instant Messenger with a Bluetooth Extender

By: Søren Houbak Kristiansen, Jan Sundgaard Schultz


The Instant Messenger with Bluetooth Extender is an instant messaging program that uses bluetooth to communicate with other mobile devices. The idea is to have free messaging in a limited area, without having to use a internet connection.

We  use the phones connected to the network act as a kind of accespoints for other phones,  so that you are able to reach people that are 30 meters away from you, even though your own bluetooth connection will only allow you to send data over a range of 10 meters.

There is going to be support for file sharing, and using smiles.





Omniscent device

By: Niels Husted, Jan Jensen


This application uses a webservice to match an incoming call or text to a name. The idea is that the incoming caller is unknown to the phone, but does exist in some online phonebook service.






By: Morten Sigsgaard Christensen


The program will be able to fetch, parse and show information from itunes podcast feeds. Supplied a ‘channel’, as an url pointing to the podcast description, the application links an mplayer window with the podcast and controls the playlist.

The project has been carried out on Maemo platform.






By: Andrea De Francesco,  Domenico Violi, Ivan Iiritano, Nicola Barbieri, Nicola Ferraro 


This application is a remake of an old game, namely  Othello. It is a table game that can be played against an artificial intelligence. The game has a simple Graphical Users Interface.





Smart Photo gallery

By: Hans Rune Bergheim, Clement Borlot, Luis Manuel Anaya Chamorro


This application creates a smart photo gallery: each time we take a photo (using our application) with the phone camera, a menu pops up on the screen with several tags listed, and you attach one or several tags to the photo. Then in the application itself you can display the pictures with the tag(s) chosen.

Example: you take a picture, immediately the application (running in background) asks you which tag(s) you want to attach; the tag can be a name (Luis), a season (summer, winter...) etc. Then in the application menu you can choose to display the pictures with the tag “Luis” or with tags “Luis” & “summer”.

The same can be done each time you receive a photo by Bluetooth or internet.

Possible extension: add a tag with the GPS coordinates (using a N95)





Bluetooth audio chat

By: Daniel Aguilera Trigos


Bluetooth audio chat allows audio communication between several phones and PC´s by making use of Bluetooth connections among them; it is designed with an IRC Chat style but using audio. Users record an audio message and it is broadcasted to the other devices nearby that are running the software. It is required to have an JSR-82 compliant phone when running on phones and bluecove compatible Bluetooth chip on PC´s.





Walkie Talkie

By: Marius Mikucionis, Joseph Okika 


A walkie talkie applicatiuon using Bluetooth. It is developed in Java Mobile.





Asteroides clone

By: Søren Hørup,Torben Jensen and Benjamin Krogh


This project is about a remake of the popular Asteroides clone in Java ME.





Rangeringdk: Tennis booking

By: Lars Johannesen


With the Rangeringdk product, it is possible to book Tennis fields for a specific date, and it is also possible to delete previous bookings. Also the username used once, is saved and used to make it quicker to use it. Due to some limitations in kSOAP2, error handling is far from perfect, and rather flawed. But it works, and error handling is done.




Funny Paint

By: Erwann Borgat, Stella Di Carlo, María Isabel Díez del Val, Valentina Palma


This application should allow the user to draw something on the picture and save it in a jpg file. It is possible:

-        rotate picture

-        cut out a part of picture

-        change colours to draw

-        distort photos






By: Michael Vandborg, Rene Bach Gustafson, Søren Juul, Kim Fiedler Vestergaard


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