Mobile Phone Programming, Spring 2007


  • Organizer: Gian Paolo Perrucci, e-mail: gpp(at)
  • Lecture: Frank H.P. Fitzek, Morten V. Pedersen, and Gian Paolo Perrucci
  • ECTS: 1.0
  • Time: Wednesday 12.30 -17.30 (14th,21th, 28th March)
  • Place: B2-104)
  • Deadline: March 12, 2007




This course gives an introduction into the programming of applications for mobile terminals. The intention of this course is to provide students with information to make their own application for mobile phones. Main focus is on application with network support. So far Python for S60, Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME), Open C, Qtopia and Symbian OS are taken under consideration as development platforms. The course can be held at different levels offering basic and enhanced knowledge, thus beginners and experts will gain by taking this course. All lectures are accompanied by exercises, so that all participants are able to build their own applications. While Python for S60 and J2ME is targeting participants with basic knowledge in programming, Symbian OS requires some more detailed knowledge.


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