On August 24, we are arranging a one day introductory course to mobile phone programming. The course is part of AAU's Life-Long Learning (Livslang Læring) course programme. The course is open to AAU graduates as well as any other interested.

This course provides a solid overview of mobile phone programming targeting both academia and industry. The course covers all commercial realizations of Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Linux platforms. Each programming language (JAVA, Python, and C/C++) and a set of development environments are introduced "step by step", making developers familiar with current limitations, pitfalls, and challenges.

The following platforms or languages are covered:

  • Symbian / C++
  • JAVA
  • Python on S60
  • Qtopia (Linux Phones)
  • Open C on S60
  • Windows Mobile

The course material is from the book:


To sign up, go here:


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