Life-long Learning: Mobile Applications

This course is about mobile phone programming for smart phones. With the introduction of iPhone and Android, the mobile application world has changed. The course will intoduce to iPhone, Android and Symbian ecosystem and compare those platforms. The overview will show the difference in programming, but more importantly how to monitize the application later on. Topics here are: in game purchasing, shop systems such as AppStore, OVI, Blackberry and others.

The second part of the course is about programming mobile Qt. Qt is a well known programming environment for the desktop ensuring cross platform compatibility. Qt is now introduced to the mobile world such as Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms and might be extended to other platforms as well. Cross platfrom programming will allow to program for multiple platforms in an efficent way. The participants should bring their own laptop in order to get the right programming environment installed. Mobile phone capable of mobile Qt are lend out in the course.

Slides morning session


2.0 M


69 K


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Slides afternoon session


1.5 M


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