Mobile Phone Programming Summer School

Here you can find the material and main information for the course. The course consists of 10 lectures. The idea is to provide the attendees with the knowledge of mobile devices and how to program on them. Therefore we have classical lectures with some experiments. On the first day we will give out some mobile devices which can be used by the students to try out the learned material and to build their own applications.

  •  The course will be held in NJ14 4-117

On this page we will add material for for the different lectures of the course.

Good Links

Lecture 1

Introduction to course:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Introduction to Qt on mobile
  • Presentation of project proposals
  • C++ overview


Here are a couple of links for C++ material:

If you use IRC, you can also find help on #c++ on EFNet.

Also you can ask questions on this website:

Lecture 2

Qt Basics:

  • Qt Quick Start
  • Qt Fundamentals: Basic



Lecture 3

Mobile Development Overview:

  • An Introduction to Java ME 
  • An Introduction to Android
  • An Introduction to iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)
  • An Introduction to Windows Phone 7



Lecture 4

Qt Project, Tools and Widgets:

  • Simple debug output using QDebug 
  • Overview of a Qt project and tools.
  • Qt Widgets


Lecture 5

Qt Widgets and Qt Core Classes:

  • Qt Widgets cont.
  • Useful Qt Core classes


Lecture 6

Qt Mobility

  • Qt Mobility overview


Some links which may be useful:

Lecture 7

Qt Networking

  • Networking on mobile devices intro
  • Overview of available technologies


Some links which may be useful:

  • Nokia Energy Profiler (link)

Lecture 8

Qt Networking Cont'd.

  • TCP/IP overview
  • Qt network classes
  • Network debugging


Some links which may be useful:

Lecture 9

Qt Threading & Testing

  • Qt thread support overview
  • Intro to QTestLib


Lecture 10

Mobile Phone Ecosystem

  • Overview of the mobile phone ecosystem
  • Distributing your mobile applications
  • Making money with your mobile applications
  • Example application



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