Mobile Software Technologies

Here you can find the material and main information for the course. The course is held on three days. Each day the course is from 9-12 and from 14-17 resulting in 6 different modules, with two modules a day. The idea is to provide the attendees with the knowledge of mobile devices and how to program on them. Therefore we have classical lectures with some experiments. On the first day we will give out some mobile devices which can be used by the students to try out the learned material and to build their own applications.


The course will be held in FRB7 E3-209 by Dr. Frank Fitzek and his team, contact at ff(at)

Day 1 - Feb. 5

Module 1:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Mobile Device Market
  • Sensors as extensions to Mobile Devices
  • Wireless Technologies and Architectures

Module 2:

  • Python in a Nutshell
  • Python on Series 60
  • Python with wireless communication
  • Try it out on your own
  • Homework for the next two days


Some software need to be installed before the lecture, refer to:

Some documentation and slides of the Module 2:

For installation example refer to this link. Note that the software needed for the phone will allready be installed when you get the phone. If you have any problems, contact Mr. Gian-Paolo Perrucci.

Day 2 - Feb. 12

Module 3:

  • Qtopia: Linux on the Device -> Greenphone (slides here)

Download vmware player from here, and the SDK from here where you can also find additional sources. First install the vmware player, then either mount or burn the iso to a CD for install of the SDK. For documentation of qtopia go to, look under Qtopia 4.1. Linuxdevices also has a good getting started article here.



Make a program which calculates BMI, it should look something like this:


Module 4:

  • J2ME Architecture
  • J2ME in a nutshell
  • SDKs and development tools
  • Connectivity and networking examples

Software to install



Day 3 - Feb. 14

Modules 5 and 6:






  • Symbian OS introduction
  • SDKs and development tools
  • The first application
  • Introduction to the Symbian OS fundamentals

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