MDD08 Program

Here the structure of the three MDD days. The first day is reserved for four tutorials, the last two days are open for demonstration area and the talks.

Registration can be done on Wednesday from 8.30 to 11.30 in the Lichthof at the venue or on Thursday/Friday in Room 2036.

The tutorials and talk will take place in the Horst-Wagon-Saal H1012 and the Konrad-Mellerowisz-Saal H1058. The demonstrations will take place in Room 2036.

10th September 2008

View program on Wednesday (Tutorials only).

11th September 2008

View program on Thursday (Talks and Demonstrations).

12th September 2008

View program on Friday (Talks and Demonstrations).

Demonstration (so far)

android, Google

Network Coding on S60 Devices, Morten V. Pedersen

Cooperative Location on Mobile Devices, Chiara Sammarco

Partial Network Coding on the opensensor, tba

Cooperative Packet Exchange on N810, Karsten Fyhn

GridTorrent, Imre Kelenyi

Mobile Application Testing, Yael Wagner

MeetYouThere, Istvan Engedy

Smiwle!, Gergely Radnóczi

Multiplayer gaming with a single device, Tam Hanna

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